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Opening date: 30.12.1979
The station was opened as a part of a line section between Marksistskaya and Novogireevo.

Station design: three-vaulted column-type deep-level station with two rows of 15 steel columns.

Station architects: А.Strelkov, V.Klokov, N.Dyomchinsky, Yu.Kolesnikova
Design engineer: Е.Barsky

   The theme of the station décor is aviation (artist A.Mosiychuk, sculptors D.Bodniek, Kh.Rysin). The track walls and the columns are faced with light-coloured marble and the basement of the track walls is black marble. The floor is paved with gray granite of different shades. The end wall of the station hall is faced with white marble and adorned with a metal sculpture. The vault of the station features a dome decorated with quadrangular anodized gold pyramids – it looks as though a magic carpet flies above the station: golden hammered panels make a suspended ceiling that resembles the universe. Several pictures join to make a flower, and a lamp in the centre looks like a star in the sky. Each panel features a different image – streams of sun, celestial constellations etc.

   Exit to: Aviamotornaya ulitsa and Shosse Entuziastov.

Photo by Philipp Latinak
Photo by Philipp Latinak

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