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Opening date: 26.12.2002
The station was opened as a southbound extension of the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya radial line.

Station design: column-type three-vaulted shallow station built to a special project. The station features galleries above the tracks which serve as passenger walkways. Two underground platforms of Ulitsa Starokachalovskaya station of the Butovskaya light-rail metro were built at the sides of the station.

Station architects: V.Filippov, S.Belyakova, S.Petrosyan assisted by I.Petrova, .Silakadze
Design engineers: .Rudnitskaya, N.Demyanova

   The station is located in the centre of Severnoe Butovo district, at the intersection of bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo with ulitsa Grina on one side and ulitsa Starokachalovskaya and Znamenskie Sadki on the other.
   The main feature of the station complex is that the station of the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line is located between the platforms of the Butovskaya light-rail metro.
   The station has two underground vestibules. They are located at the ends of the platform and linked with underground passageways. The staircase in the north part of the junction divides the platform into two unequal parts. The south vestibule joins Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo with the two platforms of Ulitsa Starokachalovskaya of the Butovskaya line.
   Wide staircases lead to the exit from the station and to the platforms of the light rail metro. Ten staircases leading to the both sides of the traffic area and the boulevard are located in glass pavilions. The underground passageways were widened from 6 to 12 metres to make room for a shopping complex.
   The station hall is quite traditional; it features two rows of columns 6 metres away from each other. However at the same time the design of the station is quite interesting - the galleries over the tracks help to separate passengers going in the same direction. Such method was first used at Komsomolskaya station of the Sokolnicheskaya line in 1935.
   The station is faced with marble and granite. The track walls are lined with Koyelga marble and have dark insertions of Vozrozhdeniye granite. The granite floor of the station has an old Russian geometrical pattern of dark red and grey colours. The staircase and gallery barriers, wall lamps, destination indicators and rear view mirrors for drivers are made of stainless steel.
   The station hall, galleries and vestibules feature ivory white suspended ceilings made of Luxalon aluminum panels with lighting fixtures inside. The columns of the station hall are faced with light-coloured Karrara marble and dark-green Verde-Guatemala marble.
   The upper parts of the columns are decorated with wall lamps with three frosted globes each. These wall lamps illuminate both the central platform and the gallery. The platforms are lit by long cylindrical lighting fixtures. Thanks to the lighting and the light-coloured cladding the station looks warm and welcoming.
   This elegant station was the first station in Moscow metro built beyond the Moscow ring road.

Exit to: bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo, ulitsa Starokachalovskaya and Znamenskiye sadki.

Photo by Alexandr Popov
Photo by Alexandr Popov

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